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Ethics Committee Minutes, April 2018
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In person: Barry Lehman (Chair), Carmen Finn, John Nordby, and John Magnuson
By phone: Kristen Williams, Mike Mahoney

Planning, Goal Setting, and Business:

  1. Continued Discussion of Plans for 2018 and Leadership Transition
    1. May meeting will be Barry’s last meeting as chair. Finn and Kristen will transition into chair beginning with the June 2018 meeting. We discussed a number of items relating to the committee’s next steps forward.
      1. Increased involvement and membership in the committee: Re-development of the sub-committees was highlighted with a broader-base in individual committees. They have worked at times, and at other times have struggled. Committees with specific tasks and direction would offer more possibilities for greater diversity in committee work and more face-to-face interactions.
        1. ACTION: Finn and Kristen said they would work on some directions and ways of developing these through the rest of 2018.
      2. Discussion of day and time of meeting. Several members of the committee have commented that the Friday afternoon timeslot is difficult for many working in residential treatment programs. Friday morning could work better but that would mean that we would have to move the meeting date to a non-Board meeting Friday.
        1. NEXT MEETING: We will look at this in May when more members are available and make plans for the rest of 2018.
      3. Discussion of membership application and questions about how to streamline and revise it.
        1. ACTION:  Kristen will work on developing this and present to committee at Future meeting.
      4. Role in writing articles for One Voice, which is now a weekly email. What are people passionate about and want to write about?
        1. Next Meeting: Planning and ideas
      5. Next Meeting: Scheduling meetings for rest of the year
  1. Fall Conference Workshop
    1. Finn and Barry will develop and lead the workshop with the tentative title of “Why Does it Still Keep Happening?” We discussed ways to partner with BBHT on developing aspects of it and some ways of humanizing it. We have not yet seen a request for proposals. 
  2. Education Sub-Committee- Nothing new. 
  3. Consultation Update– Cecelia was not present to update.
  4. Organizational Ethics Manual- not forgotten but on hold
  5. Upcoming Meetings as scheduled:
    1. May 4 Barry Facilitate
    2. June 1 Kristin/Finn assume co-chair duties
    3. July 6 (or 13?)

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