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For an ethics phone consultation, please contact Carmen Finn at (320) 364-1321.

More About Ethics Consulation

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Ethics Consultation

  1. Consultation is getting someone else’s point of view about your ethics concerns.  You still need to make your own decision about what ethical course to pursue and you are still responsible for the results of that decision.  The ethics consultant does not tell you what you must do to be “right” and is not in the role of defending (or critiquing) your actions to others.
  2. Effective consultation requires you to take responsibility for your situation and risk describing it honestly.  There is no “safe” or anonymous intervention into the unethical behavior of another and ethical solutions can only be reached if someone takes a stand.  Focusing on your own ethical role, rather than the ethics of others, is usually the most productive approach.  Your consultation is only as useful as the accuracy and completeness with which you describe the situation.  Usually your consultant cannot know if you have left out something important to the ethics of the situation.
  3. The Earlier the Better.  Ethical decision-making works best and most easily when problems are anticipated and prevented.  Once ethical mistakes are made, correcting them always poses more difficult choices.
  4. Effective ethics consultation is a forward-looking endeavor.  Consultation can help you to layout option for next steps.  Consultation is not constructive when focused on justifying (or condemning) past behavior.  Although consultation can be valuable after an ethical mistake is already made, it is only useful when used to define “what next” could be done ethically.  In other words, consultation can only help if you are willing to “play the ball where it lies”, not try to escape consequences of mistakes.
  5. The best consultation often helps you with your own process, rather than recommending content of the “right” decision.  The MARRCH Ethics Committee uses the Synthetic Ethical Decision Making Process.  MARRCH Members can access this process on line at  You are encouraged to consult this process even before starting your consultation.  Because process consultation works best, consultation feedback will often come in the form of a process suggestion for a next step or a question for you to answer, rather than as a recommendation.  Sometimes consultations can involve several exchanges of information for a single ethical issue.
  6. MARRCH Ethics Consultation Services is not prepared for and cannot give legal advice.  Many ethics problems also involve legal issues and/or licensure board complaints. If your ethics situation involves a legal question you should consult a lawyer. 
  7. Opinions of MARRCH Ethics Consultation service are not meant to be provided as “evidence” for any legal or quasi-legal proceeding, but are only meant to help you with your own decision-making. As a practical matter while our input may help clarify your thinking about an issue, our advice or opinions can never be used as evidence to bolster a viewpoint.

Advisory note to submitter: It is important to understand that the MARRCH Board of Governors mandates this as a free service to MARRCH members. The role of the Ethics Committee members is advisory versus a service. The responsibilities and obligations are different for providing suggestions as a "free" service versus consultation for a fee. If you do not receive a reply within two business days of submission, please phone the MARRCH office at (651) 290-6277.

Ethics Email Consultation Form



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