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Seeking Nominations for the Beyond the Call Ethics Award
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The Beyond the Call Ethics Award was inspired by previous nominations for the Bernie Belling Ethics award. Many of the applicants were direct care or line staff who seemed to have significant ethics achievements that related to the immediate workplace and clients, rather than to a broad-reaching impact across the State. The MARRCH Ethics Committee felt that these outstanding performances that are “beyond the call of duty” of ordinary ethical behavior deserved special recognition.

  1. Nominees must be direct care or line staff including LADCs, aides or techs who have behaved in an outstanding ethical manner, going beyond the ordinary steps to maintain ethical behavior.
  2. Nominees must have achieved at least one “beyond the call of duty” ethical activity within the past year. A “beyond the call of duty” ethical activity has one or more of the following characteristics:
    • The nominee undertook considerable extra effort in order to effect an optimal ethical solution for everyone involved, rather than just a satisfactory compliance with professional standards.
    • The nominee undertook personal risk in order to maintain an ethical stance.
    • The nominee is a paraprofessional who lived up to and exceeded professional ethical standards.
  3. The applicant must also have a consistent record of no ethical violations.
  4. And the applicant must behave ethically because she or he believes in ethical behavior (not just because it is legally required).

The award will be presented at the MARRCH Annual Conference by the MARRCH Ethics Committee in recognition of exceptional and consistent ethical behavior and ethical leadership in the chemical health field.

Nominations are now being accepted, and we ask that you submit nominations as early as possible. A nomination may be based on outstanding and exemplary ethical actions within the past year. Nominees who are new to the field are welcome! Nominations should provide concrete descriptions of how the nominee’s behavior met the four criteria. To be accepted, submission must address all four areas.

Submissions should include contact information and organizational affiliation for the person making the nomination and for the person being nominated. Nominations may be submitted online below, via email to Carmen Finn and Kristin Williams, MARRCH Ethics Committee Co-Chairs, at or on paper to any MARRCH Ethics member or MARRCH staff member. Please submit nominations by September 30, 2018.

Please provide concrete descriptions of how the nominee’s behavior meets each of the following three criteria:
Give specific examples of ethical challenges the individual has faced successfully. A “beyond the call of duty” ethical activity has one or more of the following characteristics:

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