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MARRCH Member Takes Role in Civic Engagement for Census Count

Thursday, August 29, 2019   (0 Comments)
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NUWAY Helps 2020 Census

NUWAY has pledged our support for the 2020 Census Decennial Count.  We believe our partnership with the 2020 Census will advance the efforts to count every person in the state of Minnesota.  NUWAY clearly understands the importance the census count plays in our congressional representation, research efforts as well as federal financial grant dollars allocated to the state. 

What is the Census and why is it important?

Once a decade, the country comes together to count every resident in the United States. The decennial census was first taken in 1790 and is mandated by the Constitution. It counts our population and households, providing the basis for reapportioning congressional seats, redistricting, and distributing more than $675 billion in federal funds annually to support states, counties and communities’ programs — impacting housing, education, transportation, employment, health care and public policy.  The Census data is also used to ensure public safety; planning for schools, hospitals and businesses; and research.

How is NUWAY partnering with the 2020 Census?

NUWAY believes that we can be a good partner in the following ways:

  1. Assist with counting historically undercounted people and outreach to those individuals to ensure they are counted.
    1. This means that our residential sites will be participating in a group count.
    2. We will agree to hang up flyers about the 2020 census in our sites.
    3. We will offer computer access to clients who want to complete their census information on April 1 “Census Day”.
  2. We can assist in recruiting individuals interested in working on the census effort.
    1. 80% of our clients report that they are not working when they enter IOP.  
    2. Census jobs provide paid training, flexible hours, $20 per hour in the metro, during the months between February and August 2020.  Many of our clients may have the chance to work for the Census and secure a position that can help them remain in their recovery residence post treatment.
    3. NUWAY may hold a job fair to assist in recruiting at each of our outpatient sites where more than 200 clients a day attend treatment.
  3. NUWAY will act as a 2020 Census Champion.
    1. One of our future Lunch and Learns will promote the 2020 Census work by distributing information and doing a small 5 minute commercial on how the 2020 Census will work this year. 
    2. At one of our quarterly recovery residence provider trainings we will have the Census staff come to do a presentation about the 2020 Census, how it works, and importance.

NUWAY can assist in recruiting individuals interested in working on the census effort.

Why are Census jobs good for clients to consider?

  • The Census will hire an anticipated 3,500 people in the metro area.  And 6000 statewide
  • Those with criminal backgrounds may be hired and are being considered on a case by case basis
  • These jobs are very flexible in the number of hours worked, days and times
  • They want to hire people in the communities where they live
  • Wages for these jobs are paying $20/hour in the metro, $16.50/hour in Rochester, and $14/hour in Duluth
  • Any money made with the Census will not count as income if the person is receiving public benefits; therefore, their benefits are protected and remain unchanged
  • The assessment/interview for the position is conducted by phone and is situational e.g. how do you go about solving problems under pressure? or I dislike being the center of attention – mostly true or false
  • There is one application to apply for multiple positions

What timelines should I be aware of?

  • Application for the jobs close Dec. 1, 2019
  • Selection of workers will be communicated in Dec. 2019
  • Paid training for enumerators will happen in Feb/March 2020 and actual work will begin in April 2020 and conclude in August 2020

More information?

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