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Membership Committee Minutes, February 2018
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  1. Conducted review of the Member’s Report concerning members in their 90 day grace period, members at risk of expiring within the next 30 days and lapsed members. John will reach out to the members in their 90 day grace period. There was discussion concerning having BOG Governors reach out to those that they may professionally know in the “Members at Risk of expiring” category. Each BOG would also reach out to members of their Region in all 3 categories informing the member that Whitney would be reaching out to them for membership renewal.
  2. Discussion concerning plan development a membership campaign for individuals whose membership has lapsed 3 years ago. More discussion to follow.
  3. New membership categories: Provider, Partner & Professional.
  4. Discussion concerning providing Provider Members the option of making 2 installments for membership. Issues of concern: cost associated with an increase in transaction fees due to more transactions occurring, members not making the 2 installment payments but continuing to receive membership benefits and the manual process for finance where each member would have to be manually billed for each installment. It was recommended that the installment plan will only be agencies who are interested in becoming a provider member and are able to demonstrate a financial need for the installment plan. This plan will not be announced to all current MARRCH members due to the risks associated with the above issues of concern.
  5. On-boarding process was reviewed. It was decided that the new membership packet would not be sent out to the new member during their 1st month of membership. The packet will be sent during the first week of membership. The packet will include a “Welcome Letter” and a brief education summation regarding the purpose of each volunteer committees, goals, etc. The suggestion was made to have the Regional Governors have lunch with the new members of part of “value added” while reinforcing the message that MARRCH works for them!
  6. The educational summation will be posted on the MARRCH website to increase exposure to the opportunities available to serve on a committee.
  7. Dalton will conduct research on how MARRCH can utilize social media outlets such as Twitter, Linked In, Snap Chat as a way to promote membership and education.

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