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Ethics Committee Minutes, March 2018
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Members Present: Finn, Mike F., Cecelia J (on phone)
Meeting Start: Approx. 3:35pm

  1. Committee Secretary, Cecelia Jayme assumed duties.
  2. Announcements: Role call and identification of those unable to attend.
  3. Reviewed and accepted minutes
  4. No return of MARRCH Ethics Library Loans this month.

Planning and Goal Setting:

  1. Set/discuss YEAR GOALS
    1. Review 245G for ethical concerns. Finn to email out a copy for members to review.
    2. Fall Conference: Voted Barry to establish and we will support
    3. Mike F. has let the board know we are available to look at and entertain questions pertaining to ethics but are not the conscious of MARRCH as a whole.
    4. Decision Making Process: Review and edit this year. Determine a more palatable format for students.

Ongoing Business:

    1. Each member to write for One Voice.
      1. Mike will do the May article as John indicated he is ready to submit for April.  Cecelia’s article will go in for March.
  1. Transition of leadership first meeting of July Kristen/Finn co-chairs.
    1. Barry will facilitate April and May then Kristen and Finn will co-chair starting in June.
  2. Possibilities for Fall Conference Workshop
    1. Waiting to hear from Barry.
  3.  Education Committee: Tabled
  4. Consultation: No new inquiries

    Other Business?

  1. Brit Culp membership.  Will hold the application and return to discussion when she is able to come in.
  2. Items on hold
    1. Organization Ethics Manual: Lance not able to attend. Will review next meeting.
    2. Decision Making Process Update.: Move to 2018 Goals.

 Next Meetings:

    1. April 13 Barry facilitate
    2. May 4 Barry Facilitate
    3. June 1 Kristin/Finn assume co-chair duties

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