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Update and Directions of the MARRCH Ethics Committee
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The MARRCH Ethics Committee has just finished our annual review of goals and directions and reported to the MARRCH Board of Governors at the June board meeting. In the process we discovered several issues that we are planning to focus on more clearly on in the coming year. These include:

  • The awareness that in spite of our best efforts at education about ethics in our field, the number of cases reported to the BBHT continues.
  • The perception that “ethics” and “ethics training” are boring and focus on the negatives.
  • The role of ethics in the training and work of supervisors.
  • How we can partner more intentionally with BBHT in providing ethics leadership in Minnesota.
  • The potential role of changes in health care.
  • The impact of ethics on organizations and how these influence the delivery of services.
  • The ongoing development of diversity issues and our individual competence in providing care to diverse populations.

Our Directions that we developed as part of this goal setting:

  • Be MARRCH’s “go-to” for ethical concerns.
  • Have a positive impact on ethical operations of programs as ethics resource for SA field.
  • Help keep ethics as a priority in the field of SA, keeping it relevant and approachable.
  • Develop an awareness of the relationship between personal, professional, recovery, organizational culture, and administrative ethics.
  • Keep ourselves and the treatment field in Minnesota aware of ethical directions and implications of trends in greater society.
  • Ongoing discussions with BBHT.
  • Uphold those who are having a positive impact on ethics in Minnesota through the “Bernie Belling” and “Beyond the Call” ethics awards.

As a result of our planning, we have already started to implement what we feel is within our ability to work with. These include:

  • The presentations at the annual Spring Conference were developed to deal with several of these issues.
  • We are working now on the development of our Fall Conference presentation from a different perspective. We want to direct it into a more positive outlook and describe how ethics is a positive aspect of who we are and what we do.
  • We are looking at our own self-education as a committee with leadership coming from both within and outside the committee.
  • We will meet with Samantha from BBHT in August to continue a dialogue on how we can work more closely together.

We are starting the promotion of the two ethics awards the committee presents each year at the Fall Conference. They are:

The Bernie Belling Ethics Award
Given in recognition of consistent ethical behavior and ethical leadership in the chemical health field. Individuals should meet each of the following three criteria:

  • Consistently adheres to ethical codes and practices (not just a one-time thing but across the board; daily).
  • Behaves ethically because she or he believes in ethical behavior (not just because it’s legally required).
  • Has actively promoted/modeled ethical behavior for the chemical health field as a whole.

» Submit a nomination for the Bernie Belling Ethics Award

Beyond the Call Award
Given in recognition of consistent ethical behavior to direct care or line staff who have gone beyond the ordinary steps to maintain ethical behavior in their local workplace.

  • Made an extra effort or took personal risk in order to effect an optimal ethical solution for everyone involved.
  • Has lived up to and exceeded professional ethical standards.
  • Behaves ethically because she or he believes in ethical behavior (not just because it’s legally required).

» Submit a nomination for the Beyond the Call Ethics Award

Deadline for nominations is September 30, 2017!

Finally, we do continue to provide the opportunity for ethics consultation by email. This is a free advisory service. We do not offer legal advice and are not able to comment on licensure complaints. Read more about ethics consultation on the MARRCH website.

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