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Education Committee Minutes, February 2018
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February 14, 2018
9:00am – 11:00am
Ewald Office

Present: Melanie Heu (via phone), Dustin Chapman, Judi Gordon, Charlie Mishek, Saul Selby, Ben Stapp, Jake Zimmerman, Annette Pearson, Pam Wood, Kevin Spading, Kristy Masloski, Julia Renner
Absent: Jonthan Lofgren

Spring Conference (April 26-27, 2018)

  • Exhibitor/Sponsorship Update
    • Exhibitors = 18
    • Sponsorships Sold
      • Silver Sponsorship = 2
      • Gold Sponsorship = 1
      • Bronze = 1
      • Coffee = 1
  • Attendance Update
    • Full Conference = 7
    • Students = 2
    • One Day = 2
  • Schedule/Agenda
    • Which CEU’s can we apply for?
      • ACTION ITEM: Julia Renner with Ewald will apply for LPCC, UMICAD, BBHT, LADC, LDC, Board of Social Work
      • ACTION ITEM: Julia will pull the cost of all CEU applications and send to Kristy
      • Julia will work with Judi Gordon to send in all CEU applications correctly
      • ACTION ITEM: Annette is going to speak with the MN Stroke Assn. and Brain Injury Alliance to see if they would be willing to put out the conference info in their newsletter which goes out in print and online.
      • ACTION ITEM: Kristy will send Pam info on the conference so she can forward on
      • ACTION ITEM: Look into social link – a YM app
      • ACTION ITEM: Ewald to make a PDF about the conference and send to full committee
      • Spot at conference for Dr. Karol to buy his book
    • Committee Attendance
      • ACTION ITEM: Kristy will sign up committee members for the conference
        • Yes for all to attend dinner
        • Gluten Free/Vegetarian
  • Fall Conference
    • Theme
      • CEU’s on assessment
      • Treatment Planning
      • Process of:
        • Multi-Disciplinary approach to co-occurring continuum care
        • How to do a comprehensive assessment
    • Call for Proposals – 2018 Annual Conference
      • Change length for presentations
      • Some for one hour, some for two hours
      • Required spaces
      • Choices for timing
        • 1.5 hours
        • 2 hours
        • Speakers need to know they need enough material to fill full two hours
        • Participants will not get CEU’s if you end early
        • Consent page for speakers
        • Presentations are not for selling your program
      • Drop down list about what CEU the session would apply to
      • Need to know the why and how to do it correctly
      • Peer recovery report specialist
      • Direct Access
      • Ethics
      • Give an example of a good proposal
      • Care coordination
      • How to use peer support
      • Building your clinical team
    • Kristy presented the scanner proposal for CEU’s at the Annual Conference
    • The Committee approved the scanners for entrance into sessions for CEU’s
    • Name badge info on name badges in one voice

Next Meeting
March 14, 2018 (Kristy will be on vacation)
9:00am – 11:00am
Ewald Consulting Office

1000 Westgate Drive,
Suite 252
St. Paul, MN 55114
P: 651.290.7462
F: 651.290.2266

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